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What is the need and importance of reading and writing.

In this world, from the very first day we all are born, we just keep on learning. Sometimes it may be something new or most of the time learning how to do something or improving ourselves what we learn on daily basis. Everything whatever we do in our life either it is walking, doing exercise or anything it's just because we learned it. So it is very important to keep learning as it is a daily part of everybody's life. So there are various ways by which we can learn. The two important aspects are Reading and Writing.

Actually you have been heard that most of the people doing reading on a daily basis. It's their schedule that they just have to do reading at least for a while in a day. Have you ever been thinking of why everybody just got telling you that you should have to do reading and writing?

Actually reading and writing is very important for everyone. First reading boost your confidence as well as you got some knowledge, and it also improves your communication skills as well. It also helps in sharpening your vocabulary. Writing on the other hand, is very necessary for improving yourself. Writing gives you a clarity about your goals.

Also writing will improve your verbal skills. And just because of writing you will analyze things with a different point of view. Also, it will help you to remember most of your necessary things. So here you will know about what is the need and importance of reading and writing

    What is the need and importance of Reading?

    1. Reading improve your ability to focus.

    Actually the biggest problem in today's world is that people can't get focussed. Well there are a lot of distractions too. But it is very important in everyone's life that he know how to get focussed. Without having focus in their life, it will be very difficult to analyze things as well as you can't do any task properly.

    Whenever you are doing something, you should have a little focussed on that at least, same as in reading you will also maintain a focus. For example if you are reading a book, it will help your ability to get focussed for a long time. If you're reading books on a daily basis, you will not even know that how your focussed is slightly increasing in only a few days. So everybody should have to read books as it is very beneficial.

    2. Reading gives you valuable knowledge.

    Did you know that reading is the most important thing to gain some valuable knowledge? You have been heard that most of the successful persons have a daily habit of reading. This is because they know the essence of reading. Actually when you read different books written by different writers, it will give you a path to success or most of the time it will be very useful for the solutions of your problems.

    Actually, the books written by different writers will have deep experiences, and they will put all the valuable knowledge according to there experience of their life. So you could directly know the valuable teachings written by different writers and for this you just have to read the books.

    What is the need and importance of reading and writing.

    3. It improves your communication skills.

    Reading is also very important if somebody want to improve his communication skills. Actually reading not just improves your confidence, but by reading your vocabulary becomes strong, and you will see this when you write something.

    Actually by reading you will know the new words and because to understand whatever is written in the book you will also search for the meaning of the words. Also, by reading the books you know the pattern of how to write something.

    So reading also improve your communication skills as you know that how to write anything properly as well as how to talk with someone fluently.

    4. It improves your self confidence.

    Actually whenever you are reading something, actually it provides you knowledge and after reading you will also get an idea of how we have to write something. Just because of reading, you got a self-confidence that you have accomplished something. And self-confidence is very important for anyone to become successful in their life. For anything in you life, if you truly have to achieve something you will need self-confidence. So it is very important to adopt reading in your life.

    What is the need and importance of Writing?

    1. Writing helps you to be clear.

    Actually most of the people doesn't know that why writing is important. You have been heard so many times that people do not make planning and do not write what are their plans for today as well as tomorrow. Due to this they do not clear what they should have to do. Just by remembering what you have to do today is not sufficient. 

    If you are not even planning how would you know what task you have to achieve. You are just busy in completing only one task and do not even manage your time. And writing keeps your mind clear. Let's say if you are writing what are your goals it will directly reach to your subconscious mind.  And you became very clear what you have to achieve.

    2. Writing helps you to analyze yourself. 

    You have been heard so many times that people will tell you to write your goals. Actually it is a very good practice to write and planning everything. It will help you to analyze yourself. When you are planning something by write it down on a paper, it will help you to analyze what are your weakness and strength.

    You could analyze your daily progress. What tasks you have accomplished today and what you don't. So you will become better day by day and improving yourself. And one of the major benefit of writing is that you have been analyzed your maximum outputs and due to this your efficiency will increase day by day. And day by day you will become better. So due to this you could see things from a different point of view. And it will help you to make different strategies according to your need.

    3. Writing helps you to lock ideas.

    One of the benefit of writing is to lock your ideas what comes to you. Let's say if any idea comes to your mind. So if you are not write it down somewhere, so the maximum chances is that you will definitely forget it. Because we have almost different thoughts comes to our mind every single second. So It's difficult to always remember it. And when you write it down on a paper you will not worry to forget that idea. Even when you are writing the idea you will also elaborate it. So it is a better way to lock ideas as well if you are writing it down.

    What is the need and importance of reading and writing.

    4. It improves your verbal and written skills.

    Well writing is a very good habit. It will help you to reach to your goals efficiently. Also, you will have a consistent progress report of yours. But do you know that writing will improve your verbal and written skills as well. Actually when you are writing something you will choose the words to write something very carefully and doing this for a specific amount of time regularly will improve your written skills that how you would write something in a very meaningful manner.

    Also, when you are improving day by day, it will also bring a change in your verbal skills as well. Because now you know how to organize words and put them into meaningful manner, so when you are communicating with somebody, this skill will leave a better impression on that person for you.

    What is the need and importance of Reading and Writing poetry in these tough time in Covid-19 Pandemic?

    Actually well in this tough time of COVID-19 Pandemic people have a lot of time spent with their family, and they all are in their home. So they have a huge amount of time. They should have to utilize it very well to learn something new. Well if we talk about the need and importance of reading and writing poetry in this tough time it will be very helpful for you.

    We all will know that poetry will give you a different sense of perception because if you read any poetry it will have certain teachings which if you will properly understand or follow it, it will have a certain impact to your life. Sometime it will be responsible for the person to become successful. Because sometimes a little teaching in your life will do wonders.

    Also writing a poetry will help you to become creative. It means that you have some, and you know how to express it in a certain way. Also writing poetry will improve your confidence and motivate you to write it more. As well as it is also responsible for you to be happy. Because most of the time it will be seen that the one who write poetry have a happiness in himself.

    How to improve reading skills for competitive exam (after a gap for a long time)?

    Well reading is a skill which is very useful. And if we have been stop reading for a long time. So it is just that if we drop this reading habit we have to adopt it again. Actually the most important thing in this world is to be ready for learning new skills.

    So you need to understand that if you haven't done reading for  a long gap, first of all you should have to make a habit of reading. And according to human psychology if you want to adopt any habit you should practice it at least for 21 days consistently. So you should start this for reading. You should have regularly read a book according for a specific duration of time according to your capacity. 

    And after that you could increase your time limit day by day and you should have to follow it regularly and after that you have been observing that you could do reading for long time. And day by day you will see that reading becomes your habit. After that you could improve yourself because now you have a habit of reading.

    First you should have to analyze what you have to study for competitive exam. After then just prepare how you could do it. Then do reading and after then point out your mistakes and then you should have to improve your mistakes like vocabulary etc. So you will definitely improve your reading skills.

    Which books you must read to gain knowledge?

    Well you could read any book because every books has its own teachings and its importance, but everybody should have to read atleast these five books which is really valuable to all of us. So here are the five books everyone should have to read:-

    1. Rich Dad Poor Dad written by (Robert T Kiyosaki).

    2. The Alchemist written by (Panlo Coelho).

    3. Think and Grow Rich written by (Napoleon Hill).

    4. Power Of Subconscious Mind written by ( Dr. Joseph Murphy).

    5. The Richest Man in Babylon written by (George S. Clason).



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