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Seven rules of Gautam Buddha to become successful in life.

You all have been heard of many revolutionaries in the world. Also you have been heard about so many spiritual persons in your life. You know about the contribution they give to this world before their death. One of the spiritual person named Gautam Buddha. He is the founder of Buddhism.

 He is born in a aristocratic family. But he just leaves his kingdom and family and adopt the spiritual life in a very young age. His childhood name is Siddharth and later on he become Gautam Buddha. He is the Enlightened one. He is a Spiritual Leader. Well the teachings and moral values and his perception is amazing. 

They are very kind and teach everyone and their disciples also that no one should have to do violence. And he believe that everybody should have to be self aware. Meditation is a form that helps you to become self aware.

So many years after the death of Gautam Buddha, we still remember him and most of us has follow the rules of Buddha. So you can easily understand how great he is. So here are the seven rules of Gautam Buddha to become successful in life. These seven rules could be able to change your life. You will become peaceful, blissful and successful in your life.

1. The right view to see things as it is.

Most of us doesn't have a right view to see things or situations happening around us. In every situation we think and we react to it according to our perception, not the way as it is. And this is the major reason for most of the people who have always be in trouble. 

You have to understand that see the things according to your perception and see it as it is will make a biggest difference in our life. Do you know that the reality is always different, most of the obstacles come into our life is just because of our fears.

And do you know that 95% of our fear is never going to be true in our life. Because most of them are your imaginary belief. If you see the things as it is you will become a possibility scanner. And the reasons for most of the people which will not be succeeded in his life is not have a right view. 

Most of the problems in your life are automatically solved if you see the things or the situations as it is. Because so much energy and consciousness of our mind and body are waste in the imaginary problems which has no business to do with our future goals.

Actually the fear of failure is the biggest enemy in our life. This fear is nothing but just an illusion. And fear is developed just because we doesn't see the things as it is. So make sure that if you want to be successful you should have a right view to see things as it is.

2. You have a right intention.

All of us know that whether it is a task who looks impossible will also become possible if you have a right intention to fulfil it. It means that whatever you want to do in your life, you have to do it for a specific purpose so that everybody gets benefit from it. 

Most of the people will not fulfil their goals just because they didn't have a right intention towards their goals. You have been heard about the biggest entrepreneurs of the world and they all have a great vision for this world and that's why the biggest and the toughest tasks which we think can't fulfil they will achieve that task.

If you have the wrong intention towards a goal then it is sure that it will never last longer. So make sure you have a huge goal in your life with the right intention and a specific purpose.

Seven rules of Gautam Buddha to become successful in life.

3. The right way to speak.

Whenever you are talking with someone make sure you have a right way to talk. Because your words will decide what you want to say. The words are the most important thing to express yourself. So you have to be very careful of what you speak.

Actually you have to properly think whenever you are going talk with anyone. Because if you say anything it will also define your character. If you promise someone it means it is your duty to fulfil 
that promise. 

Your words create a reality so it is very much important for you to speak only when it is necessary or what you tell others is the most important thing. Your words made everyone to respect you. Also if you want to be a good speaker your words should always be pure. 

So it is very necessary to think and then say something , because this habit will bring you to a high level in this world. Even you should be aware of that what values you provide to others through your words.

4. Always take correct action.

Gautam Buddha says always choose where you want to go in your life. It means always set a goal and take suitable actions according to your goals. It is very important for you to take right actions to fulfil your goals. Make different plans to reach your goals.

Actually it means you have a purpose of life. You are not just come to this world for just enjoying your life. You have come to this world for a specific purpose , find it and do it with full faith and devotion. And never leave your actions incomplete.

He said if you want to be successful take right actions and always do it in such a way that your goals will be beneficial for others as well. You have the attitude to always be dedicated for a mentor in your life.

5. You should have the right livelihood.

 We all have a basic need in our life and all of us need money to survive in this world. So there are so many ways to earn money for your livelihood but what Gautam Buddha says is that whatever the way you have to earn money it should be right.

It means that do not do anything wrong to earn money as most of the people did it. It means that whatever you do it gives you happiness, respect and a satisfaction in your life. If you think it is not, then quit that way because if it is not beneficial for you why are you doing this.

You can do whatever you want for your livelihood but only if you have a right intention. If you have the right intention you will take your organization or take yourself to the next level.

6. Always put the highest efforts.

Buddha says that to fulfil your goals you need to put the ultimate effort (highest effort). It means you need to be so absorbed , determined and responsible for your efforts and daily activities. It means either do or die.

It simply means that if you have a goal try harder to fulfil it. Do it whatever you could do it to fulfil that goal. Apply the highest possible efforts in it , never lose hope and try it again and again. Always learn new things and apply new ideas for your goals. 

Always try for your goals but never think I can't do it. Because one day you will become whatever you want.

7.  Maintain the concentration.

We all know how important for a person to be concentrated. Without concentration you will never improve yourself in life and never learn from your mistakes as well. Whatever you want to achieve in your life , you have to fully concentrate yourself on it and not in another activities.

As you have been heard about Arjun, that his full concentration is on the eye of the bird and nowhere else. The major mistakes people made is that they are not fully concentrated towards their goal and that's why most of the people do not achieve what they want to be.

Actually by concentration you will be able to find solutions for the problems and it will be valuable for you as well as others. The more you learn, the more you grow and more you will be successful in your life.


So here are some of the rules of Gautam Buddha to become successful in your life. Apply it and you will feel the major changes in your life. We all know that our destiny is in our hands , the only thing is you have to follow some steps to make yourself a successful person in your life.  
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