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What is law of attraction and how it will work for you.

All of us have so many goals in our life. And to fulfil that goals we all do hard work. But still we do not apply the required energy to fulfil our goals. Actually you have to use both of your mind to have the large amount of potential inside you. Have you been heard the name of  law of attraction.

Well this law is not a magic as most of the people think it is. As we know that the attraction has been happen within two opposite things. Whether it is male or female, positive or negative charges etc. But whatever we feel we attracted it more an more in our life. It means whatever vibration we released the same vibration will come into our life.

 But we have to understood that there are certain forces in our planet through which we can communicate. Actually whatever we think , our brain has released certain vibrations which we can't see. And everything in this universe is an energy. 

And most of the people when using law of attraction they do not follow the correct rule. They will do the same techniques which they have been used before. So here you will know what is law of attraction and how it will work for you.

1. What is law of attraction?

Law of attraction is nothing but just a simple universal law which is based on the property of attraction.
Whatever type of vibrations you have released it just come back in the same form and you will attract it more into your life. 

It means if you are in a high vibration, so you attract a lot of high vibrations to your life and opposite of it is also the same. Means if you want to bring positive or negative experiences to your life, it is totally depending on the way of your thought process.

If you think positive , you attract more positive experiences to your life and if you will think negative you will attract more negative experiences to your life. But this Loa depends on many factors just not only on your thought process.

Most of the people used the law of attraction to fulfil their goals or whatever they want in their life. For example: Some people want more money than that which they are getting right now, or may be some people want their dream car or dream house. 

And after applying the Loa most of the people will manifest what they want. And they will be happier in their life.
What is law of attraction and how it will work for you.

2.  How the Loa work for you?

The most important thing which we have to understood when applying the law of attraction is that it is mainly dependent on three factors: Ask , Believe And Receive.

Actually ask means first of all you should be very clear about what you want. It means you have to exactly know what you want in your life.

Believe means you should have a blind belief in the Loa. It means that if you want something to the universe , you will definitely get it no matter whatever the circumstances or situations come towards your life. Whatever you want in your life you have to believe that you have already have it in your life. 

Receive means whatever the opportunity you have been given by the universe , you have to ready to receive it. It means according to your desire the universe will give you different opportunities and you have to identify it and ready to receive it , so that your desire or whatever you want is manifested.

Actually Law of attraction has so many factors so then the law is working otherwise it is not. First of all you have to be in alignment with the universe , and you have to believe on the universe , that whatever your desire is , it is definitely manifested.

Most of the people doesn't believe in the law of attraction just because they have a belief that whatever we should have to get in our life , it is only achieved just by the hard work. They can't believe that how they can get something just by applying simple positive affirmations as most of us doesn't even fulfil their desires by doing so much hard work.

But this is not true at all. You do not need to do hard work to achieve success. Actually law of attraction will be apply by various ways.

This is very important that you should daily write your goals that you want to achieve in a format that you will already reach to your goals. This is very important because both of your brain whether it is conscious or subconscious should have to work simultaneously. 

Only then the large amount of energies will work on to your goals. Because your both mind will be aware of your goals. Actually to fulfil your goals, you just have to take care of the following things.

First of all you should always feel and lived happily. It means that you should always be in a high vibration. And enjoy every single moment of your life.

The second factor is you should always be thankful for what you have or what you got in your life. Show gratitude for every single one. It can be your parents, friends, relatives, god and anyone. Because showing gratitude towards universe will bring more happiness to your life. 

Always think positive is another and most important factor for using law of attraction according to you. Because if you think positive , feel positive you will always see a positive intent in every situation. No matter the situation is worst or good.

And this will help you to become a possibility scanner in your life and you can handle any situations or problems in your life. 

And do not lose hope, as most of the people do this and they will not manifest their goals. The reason is that your most powerful weapon when using loa is belief. Every single thing happens in this world just because of someone's belief . People do inventions and discoveries when no one can even think of that. 

These are just the illusions of the people which is a reality of today's world. just because they believe that it could be happen that's why the different inventions could be possible. 

What is law of attraction and how it will work for you.

3. Why loa is not working for you?

Most of the time people wonder why loa is not working for them. And they think that the loa doesn't exist. But the problem is most of the people doesn't know how to use it accurately. People has their old patterns and beliefs and according to it they will not have a blind faith on the loa.

Actually some people believe that if you are using loa you do not have to take any action. Loa doesn't mean that you don't need to take actions. Even you got nothing in your life without taking actions in your life. 

Many peoples don't have patience as they think they will practice the loa today and tomorrow they will get what they wish for. But we all should have to know that everything takes time. If you plant a seed, it will not grow in a single day to become a tree. It will takes some time or may be years to grow.

When you are a beginner in law of attraction, always try to manifest small goals in which you can easily believe it could be happen like a 1 rupee coin or anything. And when your belief is increasing day by day then try to manifest a huge dream of yours.

You have to understand that loa consists of having so many multiple intentions and then it will goes on a big manifestation which you have been expected. It will present small opportunities in front of you in any condition. And you will achieve anything due to law of attraction, no matters whatever big your dream is.

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