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What is procrastination and how to stop it.

Well you all have been heard that our mind is so powerful and it provides us the capability to do anything in our life, no matters it is difficult or easy or it is looking next to impossible. If we have faith we can do anything and nothing is impossible for us . And so many times in state of searching happiness and pleasure in a short term , we do procrastination.

And do you know what our brain want the most? No it is not success, it is not satisfaction as well. Even it is not money. So what it is? Our brain wants only happiness and pleasure. No matter whatever you do for you happiness or for the pleasure.

 A major problem comes in the way of being successful in your life is procrastination. We all know that it is not good to do procrastination ,still we all do it and at a later stage it will become our habit. So here you will know about What is procrastination and how to stop it.

    1. What is procrastination (Procrastination meaning)?

    You all have been heard this word procrastination. But do you know what is procrastination, what is its meaning. Basically procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something just because one doesn't want to do that.

     It means whatever the work or particular goal you have to finish you just delayed it. Not right now, may be after an hour, or may be I will do it tomorrow, or next week or next month etc. These are are the excuses that we all are made just because to not bear the pain of the work.

    And we never follow the plan , it means the tomorrow which you will said will never come. And then the procrastination happens. 

    And sometimes we know that we didn't have enough time, still we are postponing the work and after a certain time our pressure goes on increased because we just leave all our work and now we have to do so many tasks in a short or may be less amount of time.

     It is good to take rest or some break , but delaying a productive thing or your goal is a very big mistake for which you have to pay in future and through this you can't become successful in your life. By doing procrastination , we just not even tell lies to others but ourself as well. 

    It means we are cheating ourself , just because we create a myth in our mind that we have to do it tomorrow. As like you see in a shop where the message has been written that today in cash and tomorrow you can borrow. 

    But whenever the person comes he see the same message and that tomorrow has never come. As like we create a myth that we will do it tomorrow, just because to postpone a difficult task and take pleasure in short term. 

    And after this we create a pattern and a goal by postponing for short term is done by us after months or as well as after several days. Due to this so many tasks we have to do and our stress is increased. 

    Procrastination: What is procrastination and how to stop it.

    2. Causes of procrastination.

    The first reason of doing procrastination is that we have two types of mind :- Instant gratification mind and Delayed gratification mind. Instant gratification mind is also called the monkey mind or evil mind. On the other hand , Delayed gratification mind is also called progressive mind or goal oriented mind. 

    Now the instant gratification mind want to get everything very soon. He do not want to do hard work, he want mental ease , relaxation , want to avoid pain. On the other hand , the delayed gratification mind just want to complete goals , he wants to increase your will power, encourage you to focus on work etc.

    So whenever you just have to finish a task , the conflicts create between both of these and after then the final decision depends upon your vote. It means that either you decided to take rest or just finish your task. Will you go with the instant gratification mind or delayed gratitude mind. 

    The second reason is the fear of coming out of comfort zone. Yes this is true. So many peoples do procrastination because they do not want to leave their comfort zone. They think that we can do the task but why we have to spend sometime in doing a task rather than be in the comfort zone. 

    The third reasons is the confusion. It means you do not have the proper information about your task how to do it. So in that case your monkey mind will go on panic and you think that it is much better to leave that task.

    The fourth reason is the fear of failure. Sometimes you think that you can't complete this task because you think you are not capable to do this , or may be you have not intelligent etc. You have to believe that a person never fail until he quits.

     May be you can't fulfil your tasks so you have to apply new strategies to reach that particular goal but do not change the goal.

    The fifth reason due to which people procrastinate is laziness. And this is a biggest reasons for people to procrastinate. Because the person who is lazy do not show appreciation or just have an attitude of being relaxed. They want to maintain their most of the time in taking rest. 

    And due to this they postpone their work , so then they not have to put any efforts. 

    The sixth reason is the lack of learning attitude. This type of people have some ego in themselves and they think that they know everything and they don't need to learn anything. They listen someone just because they can argue with them , they can tell everyone that what is his mistakes.

     And this is a biggest reason why people procrastinate because they do not want to learn something new.

    The seventh reason is to expect perfection in his work. One major thing we have to understand is that no one is perfect in this world. You cannot say someone is perfect , even if they are master in their work. So we never have to think that we have to be perfect to do something. 

    This type of people think that whenever I am going to be perfect then I am going to write that article, or just going to finish that task. And due to this misconception they waste their lot of time. they have to understand that if the perfection comes, people will stop learning.

    Procrastination: What is procrastination and how to stop it.

    3. How to stop procrastination.

    The steps through which you can stop procrastination is:-

    1. Stop expecting perfection and favourable conditions:- Most of the people expect that whenever we are perfect then we are going to do it. They do not take action and that's why most of the people can't fulfil heir expectations of doing something. 

    You have to understand that nothing can be perfect, you think that if I just learn something I am going to be perfect in it. but tis is not true. Mistakes are happening every single time you do something.  Because we have continuously improve us day by day.

    So always take actions and do not expect favourable conditions. let us take an example. Most of the people say that I will do this after i get some reward or they are making excuses that I do not have sufficient resources to do it. 

    You have to know that no one have as much as resources as they want. May be you do no have resources but you have resourcefulness. And this is also a biggest reason why people procrastinate because they will wait for the resources they have , then they will start working.

    If you have all resources you will never become successful in your life because the real meaning of life is to fight with every challenges that will come into your life.  If you already have all the resources then you will never grow and never expand your inner capabilities in your life. 

    So do not wait for resources , just take actions. If you can conquer this step you will stop doing procrastination.

    2. Prioritize your work:- You have to prioritize your work. It means you have to differentiae between what is urgent and what is important. Set priorities for every task you have to do in your life. Let us take an example. Most of the things is not urgent in our life, we just make it urgent. 

    Like when you have to pay a bill and you have not pay the bill till the day before last date. Then it is urgent to pay the bill on last date because you will make your task urgent. If you just pay the bill before due date then this task will never become urgent.

    So make every task as an important task in your life. People will doing exercise to reduce their weight. But if they take their health seriously will the task become an urgent and daily basis task in their life. 

    You have to give priorities to your long term goals in your life, so they do not become urgent in your life. Learn how to properly align your tasks step by step. So through this method you will do your daily tasks and you do not have to leave any task.

    3. Convert your goals into smaller tasks:- Most of the people will make a larger mistake that they do not convert goals into smaller tasks. It means whatever your long term goals you have to divided it in your regular schedule for a specific time.

    It means that if you have monthly goals, try to make it in specific weeks and then convert into days. This will make your task easy and you will not get a high stress to finish your goals. 

    Most of the people procrastinate also because they have huge amount of work. So they decide to postpone and this will make a habit and then it will happen daily with them and they got stuck. So learn how to convert your larger goals into short tasks.

    4. Set serious deadlines for your task:- Most of the people do not set deadlines for their task and this is a bigger reason for doing procrastination. Even in life the person which do not set the deadlines will definitely procrastinate.  

    You have to set your goals with some serious deadlines in which you have mention some penalties and rewards. It means that you have a weekly deadline of your tasks that I will finish that much amount of tasks. 

    And if you finish your tasks honestly give yourself some rewards and if you don't put some penalty on yourself.  As we all know that why people will pay the bill on their due date because after due date they will have to pay some penalty amount as well. 

    Because after when you set some deadlines there is a very less chances of doing procrastination.

    5. Always prepare a written document (think on paper):- It means whenever you plan something just write it down on a paper. This is because when you prepare something on a paper it is a document. It is authenticated and you will much more committed towards your tasks.

    When you think on a paper your all senses will be enabled. You are thinking and written something as well and it is much more effective than a normal thinking, and it will give you best results.

    6. Being self disciplined:- You do not have to force yourself to do anything. You just have to create a discipline because if you do not have a well managed discipline in your life , how long you can force yourself to do every single tasks of your life? 

    A major reason that people procrastinate just because they do not have an interest in their tasks. They have to force themselves every single day just to achieve some rewards. But one day you will 
    be tired of all these. 

    So you have to do your tasks with interest along with happiness, so you will not thinking it as a burden on you. And if you follow discipline , this will boost your immune system and you will become strong and after that you will never do procrastination.

    Procrastination: What is procrastination and how to stop it.


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