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4 techniques on how to study effectively for exams.

 Well we all know that how much studies is important for us. Without a good education you can't even develop a good personality. We all know that we have a goal to become successful in our life , and most of us doesn't even clearly knows what we want in our life. 

We all want to study but cannot focus on our studies and there are so many reasons for it , like we all gets distracted or don't even want to study and not having a habit of focus on a particular task for a long time. 

There are so many reasons for no doing something or giving excuses that we can't do it due to several reasons , but if we have really want to do something from the bottom of our heart , we never give excuses. One major problem of us that we do not know that how to study in exam time.

Because when our exams are near we all have been serious and after then we found that there are a lot of syllabus we have to finish in a very short time. Then we are going to think how it can be done and at last most of the syllabus is just remaining as it is.

So here you will know 4 techniques on how to study effectively for exams. Because in exams we all have good marks and at last we have to study wisely, otherwise we can't get good marks.

1. Mistakes During Studies.

The most important thing people want in their life is that they want to change themselves but do not focus on his mistakes. As we know that we all want they we have to do study for a long time, but we didn't recognize those mistakes which we all do at the time of study.

You have to use the Pomodoro technique for your studies. It means we all know that it is very difficult to focus on a particular task for a long time. Well so many people use that technique and they got good results. 

So basically the Pomodoro technique is not complicated, it is as simple as that. In this technique you should have to spent your 25 minutes in a particular task and then you have to take a break for at least 5 minutes and then you can continue it in that way. So that makes your habit of  being concentrated for a long time after long practice.

 But make sure one thing, peoples will take these steps very seriously that they don't even try to increase their timer. You do not have to do this. It means do not take any rules so much seriously in your life. Change is very necessary in your life. 

4 techniques on how to study effectively for exams.

2. Make a time table.

So many people have asked that how our time table should be? We go to schools and we go to tuitions as well, So how we can mange our time for study? Well asked yourself if you just follow your time table effectively only just for 15 days. 

More than 99% of people doesn't even follow their time table and after that they will feel guilt, being depressed etc. So you do not have to be follow very strictly to your time table, it means that never force yourself to do anything. 

Well some people believed that making time table is just a waste of time. You just spent your precious time in making time table. Actually making time table is a good habit , but you have to make time table on a regular basis for a short time, because this will not increase your pressure

 Make small tasks so that you do not have any pressure on yourself. But do not always just stick to a particular goal. See and observe your daily activities that how it will be affected you. Is it really worth for you to make a time table or not. 

Or do you studied better in morning or at night. Or you can do study for a long time or you just like to take breaks in between a schedule.  Make your own rules in which you are comfortable , so that you can study effectively. 

As we all know that at exam time we all just have to study with full focus as we have to cover the entire syllabus , so for this a specific habit we all should have to adopt , and this can only be done by practicing for a long time.

So time table is a better technique which will definitely work during exams time. But it is also important for you to have a habit of follow your time table , not even matters how you make your time table. 

It is for a whole day or it is just for some specific hours or it can be task basis. Because if you do not have a habit you have really got anxious during follow your time table before your exams.

4 techniques on how to study effectively for exams.

3. Which subject you should studied first?

Well according to the opinions of some writers, it is very necessary that you should have to studied those subject first in which you are good at. It means whatever subject you like, you have to studied it first. The chapter which are easy.

Because if you are just starting from the opposite sequence, means if you are just starting from the difficult chapters and if you have less time then you can't even cover the easy portion of syllabus which you can easily cover in a short time and at last you will just got depressed.

So whenever you just starting with a subject just take an overview of the entire syllabus , so that you can be differentiate between difficult and easy topics.

 And then go in the details. Always start from the basics because if you do not clear your basics or fundamentals you can't even understand the advanced concepts.

4 techniques on how to study effectively for exams.

4. For how much duration we should study?

This is a very useless question that for how much duration we should have to study. Because it will not matters that how long you have been studied, the thing which really matters is that how much output you have been generated through your studies.

Most of the peoples have been saturated after studying of only one hour, or many peoples just studied of almost 4 to 5 hours and so on . Our subconscious mind process everything. 

If you just study continuously and don't take a break or rest , it means that you do not provide your subconscious mind to work on that particular problem.

 Many authors said that you have to study atleast 1 hour before taking rest, if you can't do it, starting from the basics make a schedule of focus 20 minutes on your studies and then increase it day by day or as much as you want . 

And when you just take the break , it doesn't have to be more than 20 minutes. In that 20 minutes you can eat something, go for a walk , playing guitar and you can sing as well and you can do whatever you want.

You have been seen many times that when you came back to studies after a break , then you will feel more relaxed and the problem in which you are stucking till now has been solved very easily.

Always take everything ready in front of you when you are going to do study like have a water bottle near you so that you do not have to go somewhere when you are thirsty. And try that always sit on those places in which you do not have to face any noise so that you can focussed properly.

4 techniques on how to study effectively for exams.

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