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Top most haunted places in India.

Most of us are interested in listening to horror stories. All of us know that India is known for its natural beauty, its culture and for its importance. 

So many mysterious incidents are happening in various places of India, but no one knows the reasons behind it. 

Most of the people believe that ghost exist, most of us are not, have you ever wondered what happens to you if you just met a ghost accidentally. 

So here you will know about the top most haunted places in India

1.  Bhangarh Fort.

The Bhangarh Fort is in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. At the time of 16th century this fort is a place where there is a kingdom where people live. Also the queen of Bhangarh Fort is very beautiful and her name is Ratnavati. One day the occultist of that place see the queen and he just got flattered. He just want to be with her.

One day a lady which is a servant of queen, she buys a perfume for Ratnavati, because the queen loves the perfume, but the occultist knows that and he just done a black magic on that perfume, and the queen knows it and she just threw the perfume and due to the opposite effect of black magic the occultist is dead. But before his death he just give a curse that this place can never ever be a kingdom again, and no one can live here.

 When the occultist is dead, after some time there is a war in this place and so many peoples was dead on that war. And through that time this place is known as one of the top most haunted places of India. People who lived near Bhangarh fort, they said that they have listening so many voices of sword and horses and also the voices of crying peoples and ladies at night sometimes.

 Even though the government of India also put a warning board at the starting gate of Bhangarh, that no one is allowed before sunrise and no one is allowed after the sunset to enter into the Bhangarh Fort. People believed that the ghost is in the Bhangarh fort and this is those peoples who just have been died in the war.

Top most haunted places in India

2.  Kuldhara Gaon.

The kuldhara Gaon is situated in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. This place is empty for almost more than 170 years. There is a time when this place is also fulfilled of peoples and there is so much happiness around it, but suddenly a night comes when all the peoples live there leave that place and no one knows where they all go.

 Most of the peoples are from brahmin family and they give a curse that no one can live here and this place is never going to what it is like. After then so many peoples try to live there, but after some days they have to leave tat place due to some mysterious things happening to them. 

So many peoples have been there and never come back and no one knows where they go or what is happening to them. Actually some tourists who visit there, they feel that someone is walking around them , some voices of bangels are also there. At night, it is very scary to visit Kuldhara Gaon.

In the morning the tourists visit to kuldhara Gaon ,but at night the look of Kuldhara Gaon is very scary. In may 2013 a team which is doing research on ghost and spirits come here and spent a night here. The whole team believed that there was something strange. 

One team member said that he feels sometimes that someone puts his hand on his shoulder but when he just sees there is no one behind him. And the team members said that when he just come back from there, there are the footprints of the children on their car.

Top most haunted places in India

3. Dowhill Of Kurseong.

The Dowhill Of Kurseong is a hill station situated in West Bengal almost about 30 kilometers from Darjeeling. Well Darjeeling is obviously known for its natural beauty, but at some distance a Dowhill station is situated and due to this it is known as one of the most haunted places of India. 

Well people believed that the Victoria Boys high school has been haunted and there is not even a single ghost but more than thousands of ghosts have been there , that's why there has always been some voices that can be heard every single time like running, crying of small childrens etc. Also there is a forest near the school and there are so many murders happening in that forest which make the forest really scary.

 People who go nearby with that forest , they said that they feel that someone is behind them or follow them, you can't find yourself alone when visiting through this forest. Also there is a story of a boy who does not have any head, and he is seen by many peoples nearby that school. Also if anyone see that boy which has no head, he just see every single places to that boy and due to this so many people committed suicide. 

Top most haunted places in India

4. Mukesh Mills.

The Mukesh Mills is situated in Colaba , Mumbai. This is a place where there a lot of workers working  daily. But one day, this mills is burn down due to fire and a lot of people have to lost their lives and after that Mukesh Mills is finally closed. 

Due to some attraction in this place , this place is later used for film shootings. There are so many film shootings happening in this place , but there are a lots of peoples who jut rejected to do shooting at this place. The most mysterious things right here is that no one do shootings after sunset. It is believed that the peoples who are burnt down in the fire are still right there, their presence could be feel right here.

Top most haunted places in India

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