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Top 5 horror movies based on true events.

 Well once in a lifetime we all have been heard about the ghost. And most of the people also loves to watch the horror movies or also like to listening the horror story by their friends , may be with their relatives or may be online as well. You all have been watched so many horror movies, but do you know those horror movies which are based on a true event. There are so many movies that are based on a real incident happening with peoples in their life. So here are the top 5 horror movies based on true events.

1. The Omen.

The omen which is a hollywood movie released in 1976 , it is believed that this is one of the most scary movies of all time. The story and scenes of this movie is really scary, but some incident happening with all team members of this movie is much more scary. 

The actor Gregory Peck and the screen writer David , they both are travelling on different places by plane but the major mishappening happen with both of them are that their planes is crashed due to the thunderstorm falling on the planes , but they both were saved. 

Also the producer of this movie Harvey Bernhard just saved from the thunderstorm when he visit to Rome. And also a major scary incident happening with the special effect director of this movie John Richardson. 

John go somewhere in a car with his girlfriend and they met with an accident in which his girlfriend is dead and her head is cut out from her body. This type of scene is also put on this movie. People believed that this movie The Omen is a cursed movie and it has a direct connection with the deville.

Top 5 horror movies based on true events.

2. The Conjuring.

You all will know about the movie conjuring released in 2013. It is a hollywood movie. People who loved watching horror movies really love that movie. The story of this movie is based on a real incident . 

But the team members of this movie faces some scary issues during this movie and that's why they want do not want that this movie should be released. The lead actress of this movie Vera Farmiga has faces some scary issues. 

She complain that whenever she just read the script of this movie on her laptop alone in her house, there are some footprints automatically made on her laptop. She feels really scary that she doesn't even brought anything which is related to this movie.

 She doesn't even learn the dialogues of this movie on her house. The director of this movie James Wan also share his experience with other members that his dog barks one night on anyone but he can't see him and he always feel that at night when he sleeps someone comes into his house.

 James feel the presence of that one. And people believed that all these mysterious activities are happening with them just because the presence of Anabella Doll showing in this movie.

3. Poltergeist.

This is a hollywood movie released in 1982 , it is believed that this is one of the the wretched movies of all time. Because all the peoples of this movie have faced some unpredictable and scary tragedies in their life. Even the two lead actresses Heather and Dominique were died at a very young age. 

The people told that in this film the real skeleton of humans is used because the plastic skeleton at that time was very costly. Because of that all these mysterious activities are happened to all the members of this movie.

 People believed that the day of release of this movie is the worst day and they made a big mistake by releasing this movie Poltergeist.

4. Rosemary's Baby.

This is a hollywood movie is released 1968. This movie goes superhit and this movie really tells the people what the real fear is. The film producer William tells the people that he got so many letters and one of the letter has a message for Williams that he is going to have a disease which he can never ever be cured.

 And after the shoot, William got a disease in which he has to stay 5 days in a week at hospital. Even when one day William got ill and people take him for treatment they just said only one thing again and again that rosemary please leave me don't kill me , just threw this knife. 

As like there is no character exists like rosemary in real, only this character exist in his movie.

5. The Possession.

This movie is released in 2012 in hollywood which is based on a devil's spirit which has a aim of controlling every single one's spirit. A original box name dibbat is used in this movie due to which some paranormal activities are happening. 

Whenever the shooting of this movie is started, All the bulbs around them are going to break one by one. One time due to short circuiting , due to fire so many clothes and costumes are burnt down. 

The film actor Jeffrey Morgan complaining the director, so many times that at the time of shooting , he just saw a face which has no hands, no legs but his face is very scary. After that when half of the shooting of movie is finished, the dibbat box is burnt due to the short circuiting.

Top 5 horror movies based on true events.

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