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The story of La Llorona

 We know that one day we all will be dead. But no one wants to die , even when your death comes near you , then you will be scared and nobody will want that something terrible is going to happen with them or their family.
But what happens if you just do not know that you are going towards your death? We are talking about a lady which is really famous for her beauty sometime ago in north mexico but later on she had a bad image in mexico.

 A time in north mexico when peoples as well as children has fear in his heart due to this lady. The name of this lady is La Llorona. So here you will know the story of La Llorona. The name of this lady who lives in north mexico is Maria

Maria is so beautiful and she is just famous for her beauty. All the mens of her area is just flattered on her. One evening when she just go somewhere wearing his white couch , a men who see maria is just fall in love with her. And maria also love that guy and they are just married to each other. 

Maria will always smiling and happy with her life. And his husband also loves her a lot. After sometime maria gives birth to two childrens , but after that his husband ill not as loving as he is before. Now maria is not happy as much as she is before.

 She is a little bit upset always. One day maria's husband go somewhere on another town due to some work, and he has never come again. Maria just wait for his husband for a long time , and due to his absence she just crying and now be in a very bad condition.

 One day when she just go on to a side of a river with her childrens she saw his husband with a lay of a horse-rickshaw. His husband saw heir children and smile but ignore his wife as he didn't even know him. 

This incident really depressed maria, and now she decided that she destroy the last sign which he got from his husband means her childrens. And she just drown her childrens on that river. When she calms down , it's too late. 

Her childrens are dead. And their bodies just flow in the river. Maria just try to save the body of their childrens, but the flow of water is very high due to which she can' t do it. She feel regret on herself , what she has done.

 And due to this after some day, she will also be dead. After some day her spirit is just wander on that river and the area where maria lives. After some day the people of that area told that they watched a woman with white dress at night. 

At starting no one believe on that but later on the case of missing childrens is  happening on that area and then majority of peoples said that they also see a woman at night. 

And peoples will also said that near that river the spirit of maria stays and always crying and that sound is so dangerous as well as a trouble is in the sound. And then peoples give the name La Llorona to maria which means "The crying woman". 

It is also believed that maria just searching for small childrens and whenever she knows that he is not her children, she kills them. 

You can even assume that the the fear of La Llorona is in the heat of mexican peoples that peoples didn't even want to send their childrens to school , because of chances of mishappening can happen to their children.

 Peoples still believe that La Llorona still search his childrens

The story of La Llorona


So here I tell you the story of La Llorona. How interesting this story is? Let me comment down below and share this with others as well. And please subscribe life hacks for more mysterious stories as well.
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