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How 369 manifestation technique will change your life.

We all want a happy and successful life. But there are so many reasons due to which so many of us are not getting what we want. We all have some taste of failure in our life. And due to this there is a lack of motivation and we lose our confidence. Actually sometimes there are a lot of reasons for failure in our life. Sometimes the reason is our belief. Sometimes it is a manifestation of our thoughts.

We all have different goals and beliefs and sometimes we don't know how we just got stuck or failed in some point of our life because of our beliefs. If you observe your life carefully, the most important thing in your life is your belief. If you think you can do something, no matter how hard it is but you could do it. 

And if you believe you can't do something, you can't do it. Actually there is nothing hard or easy in this world. We made anything harder or easier for us. You can't create a world of your desires until you made it in your mind. 

Do you want to be rich? Do you want a life in which you are happy? Well everybody want this. So to change your life first of all you need to change your mindset. And this could be made by doing manifestation. Actually you all have been heard that how positive talk improve many people's life. Whatever you want in your life you get everything in this universe. 

So there is a process called manifestation which will take you to the path to fulfil your desires. You all have been heard the name Law Of Attraction. Manifestation is a process which will help you to fulfil your desires. Well there are a lot of activities involved in a manifestation process. So here you will know how 369 manifestation technique will change your life. 

    What is Manifestation?

    Manifestation is nothing but a feeling or you can say emotions towards what you want in your life. And when you achieve it by doing different manifestation techniques then we say that something is Manifest. Basically manifestation includes a lot of things but the most important things in the manifestation is your belief. You have a blind belief that you go everything whatever you want in your life. 

    We all know that there are so many challenges in everybody's life. A lot of time we have to face the failures and due to this we lose our confidence and lose hope of achieving our goals. But everybody should know that failure is a part of everybody's life. So do not be fearful just because of your failures.

    How 369 manifestation technique will change your life.

    Manifestation includes a lot of things like visualisation, writing, positive attitude, self confidence, belief etc. We all know that we have nothing and the first step to fulfil your goals is to dream it. Because right now it is just your illusion that you have to become something. The second step is to work hard for it and search for different resources which will help you to reach your goals. And Manifestation plays a very important role in achieving your goals. You want to know how let's move to the next para.

    What are the different Manifestation Techniques?

    There are different type of manifestation techniques which are as under:-

    1. 369 manifestation technique:-

    369 is a manifestation technique which is mostly used by the people who believe in Law of Attraction. This is the most effective technique which will help you to remember your goals in the morning, afternoon as well as in the night. In this technique we use the power of the number 369. It is elaborated after this paragraph and we will see in detail how this technique will change your life drastically.

    2. 555 manifestation technique:-

    555 is another manifestation technique which is also used to manifest what we want. Actually in 555 manifestation technique we have we use the power of 5 and 55 to manifest something. It is a very effective technique and it is also very much helpful to change our old beliefs and help us to make a new belief. 

    How to use 369 Manifestation Technique?

    First of all to bring out results from something we just have to know how to use it. So there are some steps that how one could use 369 manifestation technique to change his life.

    1. You should have a journal or a diary.

    You all have been heard that the successful people always have a journal or diary with him. In which he write their goals or make their everyday schedule that what they should have to do today or in how much time. Actually this is a great planning strategy to achieve their goals. So you also have a dairy or a journal in which not only you have to write your goals or creating schedule of a particular day, but also what you want from the universe. For example you want a bicycle so you have to write, I have a bicycle or I got a bicycle etc.

    2. Always use positive affirmations in your words.

    Generally, you have seen people around you which possess a negative attitude towards the situations they are facing. So one who want to manifest their goals always have a positive attitude towards life, it is very necessary. So to bring this attitude inside you have to always use positive affirmations in your words and try to write it down as well. For example:- I am powerful, I am blissful, I am capable of do anything in my life, I am intelligent, etc. Because when you say something, your subconscious mind will hear it and working on it.

    3. Write your goal 3 times in the morning.

    To use the 369 manifestation techniques, it is very necessary that you should have accountability of your daily routine. So first of all when you wake up in the morning just then you have to say some positive affirmations. After then you just take a diary or any notebook and write your goals 3 times in it. So here you will use the power of number 3 by writing your goals 3 times. And after that you just have to immediately visualise that you have achieved what you want. Like whatever it is, just see yourself in as an image of it and do it for 17 seconds. This will bring huge changes in your life.

    4. Write your goal 6 times in the afternoon.

    Now this time in the afternoon, you can choose anytime in this interval. This time you have to write your goals atleast 6 times in your journal or diary. So when you write your goals, 6 times you will use the power of number 6 and again after when you finished writing just immediately visualise that you have been achieved your goals. Actually this will again remember you about your goals. And after visualisation just let the thought go. 

    5. Write your goals 9 times at the night.

    The morning and night these two periods are very important for using the manifestation powers and it is very effective at these two periods. This time you should write your goals at night and you can do it anytime, but I will recommend you do it just before you go to sleep because at that time when you fall asleep the thought is directly go into your subconscious mind. So write your goals 9 times in your journal or diary and after that just immediately close your eyes and do visualisation of achieving it. This time you will use the power of number 9. Practice this 369 manifestation technique consistent and you will see getting results after some weeks.

    Can we do Ho'oponopono prayer after 3*33 Manifestation Technique?

    Yes obviously Ho' oponopono prayer connect you to positive affirmation and it also cuts your negative connection in a positive way by forgiving others or yourself as well. Doing this prayer will make your much happier and calm. After you are done with a 3*33 manifestation technique which is just similar to 5*55 manifestation technique. So no doubt you can do this prayer after 3*33 Manifestation technique. But what I believed that if you do it before this technique it will be more beneficial for you. Because when you do Ho'oponopono prayer you got relax and after then your Manifestation goes smooth. So it will bring results very soon. 



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