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What are the benefits of chanting mantra in your life.

We all have been heard the word meditation. Atleast we all have a little bit knowledge about meditation. And there are different ways we can learn to do meditation. We also learn different yoga kriyas to stay healthy and energetic. And it is also used to cure diseases as well. And a major problem in today's world is that people don't know how to handle their emotions in different areas of life. So it is a major problem in today's world. Have you ever been heard about mantra chanting?

Well you all have been seen when we worshipped to a god or goddess we also use different types of mantras. There is a science behind using mantras. And it is beneficial for everyone. So here you will know what are the benefits of chanting mantras.

    1. What is a Mantra?

    Mantra is a sound which is used to be calm and develop a higher level of consciousness inside you. Because sound is the known as the creation of the world. So sounds are very powerful if you know how to use it. Mostly mantras are in Sanskrit language and every mantra has its own meaning. And when you consciously do the mantra regularly, it will change your life drastically. You should chanting a particular mantra according to your capacity, but for more benefit chanting a mantra atleast 108 times.

    What are the benefits of chanting mantra in your life.

    2. What are the different Mantras you can chant?

    Well there are a lot of mantras you can chant. Every single mantra has beneficial for you. So here are some of the mantra which you should have to chant daily. You also have been heard that on ancient times, the sages or people chanting mantra. It is totally scientific and it has been proven by certain organization that chanting mantra will have a lot of benefits.

    Here are some of the mantras you can chant daily. 


    Aum Namah Shivaay.

    Gayatri Mantra.

    Buddhist Chant.

    Hare Krishna Mantra.

    Hare Krishna Hare Rama Mantra.

    Aum Namah Bhagavade Vasudevaya.

    Maha Mrityunjay Mantra.

    3. What are the benefits of Chanting Mantra?

    Chanting Mantra has a lot of benefits which are as under:-

    1. Improve your concentration.

    Everybody knows the importance of concentration. And in today's world it it is the most important aspect of everyone's life. So when you do mantra chanting consistently, it will improve your concentration. And you can see this improvement after several weeks of chanting. 

    2. You will be more calm.

    Another important benefit of mantra chanting mantra is that you will become more calm. By doing mantra chanting daily you will feel very relaxed and calm. And the major benefit of being calm is that you got a greater ability to listening others carefully and your words will put major impact on others. Definitely your focus will also increased and you will be able to be a quick learner. 

    3. It will reduce stress or anxiety.

    In today's modern world, we have so many distractions and the biggest problem which people are facing right now is the stress. And after sometime it will be in the form of depression. So chanting a mantra will reduce your stress and practiced it regularly will vanished stress from your life. So one way is also open for you to become successful in your life.

    4. Increase self awareness.

    A very important aspect of our life is to be aware of what we are doing. Most of the things in our life we do is happening subconsciously not consciously. Like breathing, driving, walking, etc. It is also necessary that we have some awareness. Self Awareness is also a factor for the growth of most of the people in different aspects of life. 

    5. You will become more positive.

    In today's world most of the people have a negative attitude towards life. Whenever someone has a negative approach towards life his life will be full of misery. If one wants to live happily, it is also necessary that one should have a positive attitude in his life. Because then the situations looks do able.
    So chanting mantra on a daily basis will take you towards positive and remove all your negative energies.

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