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Why most of the people are struggling for money in their life?

 All of us know what is the importance of money in this life? We all know how much money is valuable for every single one of us. Actually it is a source to fulfil all of our needs. Everybody need money. We all want a comfortable life. We all want to be rich. Because the more money we have the more we could live  with a rich lifestyle. 

And we all know that whatever we could think we could do it. But most of the time in this world you have been seen that people are struggling a lot for money, but still fail to earn less money then what they are expecting with themselves. And that's why they are struggling a lot for money in their life. 

So here you will know the several reasons of why most of the people are struggling for money in their life and how they could overcome with it? 

    1. How to be rich in money making?

    Everybody in this world want to live a rich and healthy lifestyle. So how you become rich is totally dependent on your attitude. Like you have seen so many rich peoples, they are always be disciplined and having a goal or mission in their life. So here are some qualities one should have to be rich in money making.

    2. Qualities one should have to be rich in money making.

    1.  You should have a clear goal.

    First you must understand that you should have a goal. A lot of people didn't understand why a particular goal is needed to become successful. It is just that whenever you have a goal or purpose in your life, only then you got certain energy to do it, you will be able to tackle problems. 

    Most of the people who is rich always have a particular goal in their life, where they are right now or where do they want to go. So if you want to be rich, the first thing you should learn is making goals.

    2. You should have a rich mindset.

    First of all you need to understand that you should have a rich mindset. There are a lot of people in this world who said, money is the root cause of all evil. Do not listen to them, because if you think money is the problem then why everybody said I want money. 

    You can make a rich mindset by reading books or just by listening to those peoples who are rich or you can say billionaires. They never say money is a problem. Always respect what you have, if you want money first learn how to respect money. 

    3. Always have an attitude of giving.

    Most of the people think I am not financially stable, how can I help others. See if you have less money atleast a little bit of it you can give it to others who are indeed of it. Because the one who has a nature of giving, whatever he gives it will come back again to you after multiplying several times. So you will become rich if you have an attitude to help others.

    4. Invest your money.

    A lot of people in this world doesn't know the concept of investment. And that's why whatever the earn they spent al the money and there is nothing left for their future. So everybody should know the importance of investment. Everybody should invest atleast a little bit percentage of their overall income in various areas. So after sometimes they will got much more than what they have been invested. 

    Why most of the people are struggling for money in their life?

    5. Learn new skills and adapt the changes.

    If you want to be rich for the rest of your life, you should have to be a learning attitude. In this life you just need to keep on learning new skills and keep growing. And a major thing is that you have to be ready to adapt the changes coming in this world. 

    Because the changes is always keep going on and the one who could not be able to mange himself according to the changes, he will always struggling in his life and not be able to make more money.

    6. Have an accountability of your money.

    People earn money depending of what type of businesses or jobs they have. Some of them earn weekly, some of them earn daily and some of the people earn monthly. Now according to their total earnings, they have adjust all their expenses. So it is very important that you should have a accountability of their money, what are the different expenses we have, how much money is spent on different areas of life. 

    If you have an accountability of your money you will know where do you spent your money, so then you will be able to save your money. Because saving is very necessary in life.

    7.  Create passive sources of income.

    Most of the people who are rich has some passive sources of income. Because if you want to earn money on your own, you will have only 24 hours in a day. And according to this you can't earn to much money in that 24 hours or you have also other things to do in life. 

    So there is a better way to earn money without doing something which is also passive sources of income. A specific amount of income will come to you without doing anything. For example: Let's say you invest your money in a specific area which could give you an income without doing something.

    Like take a house and give it on rent. Now you can have rent every month and you don't need to do anything. So there could be so many passive sources of income you could have.

    8.  Create a network.

    All of us know that in today's world it is very important to have a strong network. To be a money maker, you just need network because you can't do every single thing on your own. Like we said earlier that you have only 24 hours a day and you have different responsibilities as well. Also on a particular time you can do only one thing. 

    So you just have a network of peoples so they will work for you and that's how you could increase your earnings. Like you have been seen in any company everybody has their different jobs. Like accountant, H..R, employees etc.

    9.  Build some assets for you.

    The people who are rich in this world always build some assets for them. There is a difference between a poor and a rich people. The poor people always purchasing liabilities and the rich people always build assets for themselves. Because assets have a lot of benefit, its like a saving of your money which could be compounded later on.

    3. How to earn money online without investment?

    Well earning money is not a difficult process, anybody could earn money easily. And there are several ways through which you can earn money online without investment.

    1. Blogging.

    Blogging is a platform of content writing. If you are good at content writing, you can do blogging. Its totally dependent on you whether you want to invest your money in buying hosting or domain. You can do it in the free platform as well and earn money.

    2. You Tube.

    You tube is another platform of crating video content. Well in these days almost everyone is on the You tube. And after you reach the minimum criteria of You tube you can apply for AdSense and be able to earn money. As well as by promoting other's brand you could earn money.

    3. Affiliate Marketing.

    In Affiliate Marketing you can also earn money without investment. All you have to do this is you have to promote brands of an organization. You have to apply for it and you got an affiliate link and after this whoever is purchasing that brand from your link you got a commission according to the different brands.

    4. Freelancing.

    Freelancing are almost a new trend in today's world. Actually in freelancing, you have to do work for an organization and according to that you got money. Today most of the people are earning a good amount of money through freelancing.


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