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Everything you need to know about Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus which is also called SARS-COV-2 and the disease which is caused by it is called Coronavirus disease or COVID-19. And it is started in the first week of december 2019.

 Coronavirus which is spread across all over the world in 2020 , creates a lot of problem for peoples. The main problem is that its symptoms is as simple as common cold, cough, fever etc and the people doesn't even know that they have suffering from this disease.

 Also this virus spreads from one person to another by having some contact with each other. Here is a brief description about Coronavirus.

1. How coronavirus spread among different countries

 The place which is in South China named as Wuhan Sea food market is the starting point of spreading Coronavirus. This is the place where the Coronavirus is spread first . This market sold different types of meat and animal products like meat of dog, chicken, Snake, bats, fish etc, all are in one place. 

Well according to research this virus is found in animals only. And research says that it is generally found in bats, but it is not sure because in different researches it is also found that this virus is also found in snakes(cobra) as well. 

So many researches also tells that it may be comes from multiple animals. But these facts are not 100% true. Its origin can also be different. Well first this virus infects one person and then it multiplied itself and so many people infected due to this virus and then it becomes a chain which is also called chain reaction.

 So many people infected in Wuhan and after that it also spread in different countries among all over the world. Because the main reasons for this virus is to be spread is comes in contact with that infected person.

 And after that the cases of Corona patients is constantly increased in the month of february and march and after that on 11 march 2020, WHO (World Health Organization) officially announces COVID-19 as global pandemic. Well right now due to corona here is the data of patients all over the world :

Coronavirus Cases  (40,016,093) .

Deaths  (1,115,335) .

Recovered people (29,928,894) .

Active Cases (8,971,864) .

Closed Cases(31,044,229) .

Everything you need to know about Coronavirus pandemic.


2. How Coronavirus affect human beings

You have to understand  that to know that you really have affected by COVID-19 or not , you have to know its symptoms. So the symptoms of Coronavirus is as under :

Fever, Dry cough, Fatigue, Headache, Nasal Congestion, Vomiting, Diarrhea etc. But this doesn't even mean that if you have these symptoms you are affected by Coronavirus. 

It is just a Symptoms, so if you have that symptoms you have to go to the hospital and after checkup you know that you have been affected by this virus or not. 

First you have to understand that generally your body can be affected by two types of infectious diseases one is bacterial infection and second is viral infectionBacterial infection like sore throat, ear infections, urinary tract infections. These all bacterial infections can be cured by us.

 Now viral infections like common cold, influenza, chicken pox, dengue , coronavirus etc. These all viral infection cannot be cured by us it can only be treated. 

Treatment means taking those necessary steps that can remove virus from your body like gives you medicine which make your immune system strong. Well Coronavirus affects your respiratory system so typically infects lining of throat, airways and lungs.

 They basically hijacks the  cells in the body. when they enter the body they can spread to new cells around the body and multiply them.

Everything you need to know about Coronavirus pandemic.

3. How you can protect yourself from Coronavirus

It is a virus and it spreads from one person to another. So we just have to be very careful that we do not have to come in contact with any Covid-19 positive patient. 

We didn't even know that anyone has this disease or not like our friends or relatives so we have to make sure that we have to maintain social distancing. Make sure that we have to only go somewhere if we have urgent works because virus can spread from anybody around you.

 Always wear masks whenever you go somewhere. Use hand sanitizers every single time you came back to your home.

 Eat light weight foods and uses ayurvedic medicine like tulsi, neem, giloi etc  to make your immune system very strong so that if by accidentally you have been in these virus you will be recover very soon.

 Because even then we have no medicine for coronavirus till now, still our immune system automatically removes viruses from our body.

Everything you need to know about Coronavirus pandemic.

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