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3 most simplest ways to be focussed.

Everybody wants to be successful in our life. But the major or you can say the first basic step for being successful in your life is how to focus on your goals. The major problems which peoples really face in today's life is not getting focussed on their goals. So here are the 3 most simplest ways  to be focussed.

1. Made a clear goal in which you are really interested

The one major concern of people not to be successful in their life is to made a goal which is not in their interest area. Like today, everybody want to be financially successful. So majority of peoples didn't even ask themselves what they really want to be. They made a goal which is not of their own choice but they have been listening what other peoples say. They have been agree with other people's opinion. But if you made a goal in which you have been interested, so you don't need to push yourself to do that work. And if you do what you really like your put your own efforts to become better in that. For example, if you really like to play cricket so nobody needs to tell you anything, you go to the field with your friends and play cricket. The main reason for you to be made a goal in which you are really interested is so that you can give your best performance in it as well as you are focussed automatically. And you have been heard that a laser sharp focus can even penetrate a diamond. Its a genuine fact that every person has its own strength and he is individual. If you want to become like someone's else you can't show your unique originality in it.

3 most simplest ways to be focussed

2. Identify and avoid distractions from your life.

The major problem with every person is that whenever they just tried to focus on their work, he is interrupted due to so many distractions around it. Many years ago when the gurukuls established for study, the students who go there will automatically be focussed on what they have to do, because of the silence and the disciplines  follows by every children of the gurukul. But in today's world almost everyone has smartphones, and different other utilities which distract them from their work. Actually today social media is also a cause of biggest distractions of student's life. So try to be use less time using smartphones. Just make some social media rituals that I don't use my phone more than 3 hours. Practice to be most of the time for your smartphones to be in DND mode.  These are some ways you can overcome through your distractions. Always whenever you study find a suitable place for you where you don't have any disturbance through noise or sound.

3 most simplest ways to be focussed

3 most simplest ways to be focussed

3. Take some reward to yourself.

We all know that reward is also a better motivation for us to work . We always have a purpose in our life that what we have to become in our life. So it means to reach that particular goal we have to do hard work , we have to maintain patience as well for a long time. So our one wish for doing hard work is also that at the end we have go that reward. So the reward will charge us for a long time to do hard work and improve us. So after when you finished your work , or suppose you have made a schedule for yourself for the most important work of your life like study and others and if you finished it with proper concentration and efforts give yourself some rewards as well like eating your favourite dish or playing or visit somewhere, it can be anything what you want. So if you do this you have not even bored from your work or studies . Reward makes your work interesting.

3 most simplest ways to be focussed

3 most simplest ways to be focussed

3 most simplest ways to be focussed

3 most simplest ways to be focussed

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