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Remove fear through subconscious mind.

Do you really do not now what to do in the lockdown? You can even learn how to overcome with your fear. Now It has been already known that your greatest enemy is fear. Fear is just behind failure, sickness and poor human relations.

 Millions of peoples are afraid of the past, the future , old age , insanity and death. But fear is nothing. It is just a thought of your mind. It means that you are afraid of your own thoughts. The reality is that the fear does not even exist. In the same way, most of your fears does not have any reality.

When you affirm positively that you are going to master your fears and you come to a definite decision in your conscious mind, you release the power of subconscious, which flows in response to the nature of your thoughts.

 A newborn baby has only two basic fears, the fear of failing and the fear of sudden loud noises. These are perfectly normal. Normal fear is good. You hear that a car coming down the road towards you and you step aside to survive. The momentary fear of being run over is overcome by your actions. 

Another fear which is abnormal fear. The abnormal fear takes hold when people let their imagination run riot. The world is full of people who are afraid that something terrible will happen to their children. When they read anything like this, they live in fear that this situation will also catch them.

 If you find yourself  that you are in abnormal fear then you must strive to move mentally to the opposite. If you remain at the extreme of fear, you will suffer with some diseases. 

When fear arises, one of the basic laws of subconscious mind immediately brings with it a desire for something  opposite to the thing feared. Always place your attention on the thing you immediately desired. Get absorbed and engrossed in you desire.   

How is everything possible to achieve if you become fearless?

First of all you need to understand that fear is just an illusion and nothing else. People always be fearful for what is going to happen with me if I will do this? Actually fear is a creation of your own. Because you have always being worried about the results but not enjoying the moment or your work.

 Due to this most of the energy you have been spent in fear of not losing what you have or what you want to be. Also fear is a reason due to which you can not become the best version of you. Actually when you do something without any fear actually, then you reach to the highest state of your mind. 

And then everything became possible because you are now focussed on how to do something. Because we all have been heard that nothing is impossible in life. But somehow we all by mistake we made everything impossible or hard for us.

 Because everything whatever you have been learnt in your life , also there is a perception created in our mind related to it. And most of the time people will worried about how can I do this. Whatever you do in your life, just be fully devoted to it. Enjoying your work, only then the inner intelligence inside you is coming out. Because life is precious for everyone.

If life is not precious for everyone why would you have been investing your life in a career or a job that you couldn't even enjoying it. You get frustrated every time. Actually whatever you should have to do in your life, do it with enormous devotion. It will take you to a higher level.

 Because enormous devotion to your work will make you something which you have not been expecting from yourself. When you become fearless first the energies of your body which spent in creating different illusions will be stopped. 

Secondly, all your distractions will gone. And then your focus or concentration increases in your work. And after then you derive more possibility to solve the problems. Now your focus is on your possibilities , so now the possibilities got increased and you become successful in your life.
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