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You have the right to become rich.

You always have been thinking that "I have deserve a bigger income than I have". In my opinion it is true for many people. They really do have more money but they are not likely to get it. One of the most important reasons people don't have more money is that they silently or openly condemn it. They tell their children and friends that  the love of money is the root cause to all evil. Coupled with this as a reason they do not prosper is that they have a sneaky subconscious feeling, there is some special virtue in poverty. If you set your intention on money exclusively and say, "Money is all I want; I am going to give all my attention to amassing money; nothing else matters. From time to time you have probably heard someone says that," Anybody who is making money has to be some kind of crook". The person who talks and thinks like that is usually suffering from a financial illness. If someone has that attitude he is creating his own difficulties. So, cleanse your mind of all negative beliefs you have for money. Do not even regard money as evil or filthy. If you do this you don't have money and money doesn't even come towards you. 

You have the right to become rich.

Every single night when you go to sleep just before four or  five minutes to get sleep,visualise that you have getting more money in your account or whatever you have to imagine for the money to comes towards you. You have to feel that when you got the money how much happy you are , or the wishes you want to fulfil with that money. This will make a path in your life to attract the money , and money will definitely comes towards your life more and more and you become rich.

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