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How to crack any government exam in just 3 months?

Well what is your reaction when you hear the word government. Well everybody has their own different perception related to the government. But what happens when you hear about somebody that he is in a government job? Well most of you and other people have  see the dream of a government job. The government provides vacancies in different departments for various different posts. You all have been familiar with the different government bodies conducting the examination through UPSC, SSC, BANKING, RAILWAYS, etc. 

So many different posts through each of these bodies will open every year. People want different posts in government departments according to their eligibility. But all of you know that the seats are limited and only about 1% people get selected in the department. Because the competition is very high in government examinations in today’s world. For a student who wants a job in a government department, he definitely has to work hard to clear the examination. Not only you have to clear the examination but also achieve a good rank to secure the job. 

You have to know that to clear any examination you need to follow a certain strategy. Without a particular strategy it is very hard to clear the examination. So here are some different strategies on how to crack any government exams in just 3 months.

1. Study the whole exam.

Well first of all you need to understand about the exam you have to give. Let us say, you want to give a particular examination, so gather all the information about it like eligibility criteria, how many times it is conducted in a year, selection procedure in different phases, etc. This is the first basic step to reach your goals.

2. Go through the syllabus thoroughly.

Most of the people made a mistake, they do not go through the whole syllabus thoroughly. As you all need to understand that it is very important to have a detailed analysis of your syllabus. Like in government exams you should know how many subjects you have to prepare and what are the contents or its syllabus. 

3. Manage your time.

The most important factor in any preparation is time management. Time is the most important factor of everybody’s life. First of all you should manage your time effectively. Make a proper time table or you can make a task table according to your suitability and then prepare according to time. How much you have to finish in a particular time and complete your syllabus. Give sufficient hours for each and every subject.

4. How to study this should be clear?

Most of the students just study for the exam but do not know how to study for the exam. As we all have used the same method for study as we have used earlier like in 5th or 6th class. You should have to know that here you have to prepare for a job, so your attitude should be like a professional officer. So your way of studying should be professional as well. Because the way  how you study will make you efficient. Otherwise you waste a lot of your time just studying but can get better results.

How to Crack any government exams in just 3 months.

5. Practice mock tests everyday.

When you are preparing for a competition it is very important that you have to know how to give the exam and what the pattern of the examination is, whether it is subjective or objective. So you got so many websites where you can practice exactly the same way as  you will be doing in the examination. So you have to give mock tests as it is the same examination as you will be given in the examination. Because in examination you have sufficient time and the mock is exactly the same as your paper. Keep practicing mock tests everyday as it will boost your performance.

How to crack any government exam in just 3 months.

6. Analyze your mock tests. 

The most important part when you have to do any work is analysis. Without analysis we can’t resolve our mistakes. We cannot become better than before. When you give a mock test every time you get your scorecard and how much you attempt from the given questions. On the other hand whether it is correct or incorrect you can check it as well, your accuracy, percentile as well as your total marks and solutions of every question. So after every attempt you should have to analyze your mistakes from it like wrong questions attempted by you, which is correct and how it is correct, and how many questions you will be able to attempt in the given time. This will help you to get better marks in exams and you also have learnt so many of your mistakes. These mistakes will help you to score good marks.

7. Buy selective books.

Most of the time when a student prepares for a competitive examination he purchases so many books and sometimes it will be a big problem for himself as he can’t differentiate from which books he should have to study. You have to know that it doesn't matter how many books you have finished but your concepts should be clear. You should know how to tackle different problems from a particular chapter. Do more problems of different patterns as you get a huge confidence after doing this. 

Buy some selective books and study thoroughly with it. Less no. of books will save your time and you will have more time for practice. Sometimes students purchase a lot of books and get confused because of the various different types of methods involved in each book . So always be selective in purchasing books and try to purchase only what is really needed.

8. Stay away from all the distractions.

Today there is a bigger problem for students that is distraction. They got distracted very easily as there are so many resources we have now for the distractions. First of all you have to make sure that for a particular time period you have to get totally focus when you are involved in the preparation of any examination. Today we all have smartphones which is a major distraction in our studies as we all spend a lot of time using social media. 

We do not even know how much precious time we wasted in just doing this. You have to make sure that you do not have to be distracted. You can follow some different strategies to avoid distractions. For example, make a small target that you do not use your mobile phone for more than 2 hours in a day. Keep studying as long as you can. Do not waste your time busy in just talking with someone. Do not go here and there as it is a waste of your time. 

9. Finish your syllabus before time.

This is a very important aspect to crack any government examination that your syllabus should be totally complete. As you know that in examination, any questions could be asked from any chapters so you should make sure that your syllabus should be completed according to the time. For example if you have 3 months for preparation, make sure that your syllabus should be totally completed in just 2 months.

10. Keep doing revisions at some particular instants.

Well everybody should do revision of what they had studied so as there are less chances to forget and your concept becomes more clear and precise. Take 1 or 2 days from a week which is only for revision. These days, you have to only revise what you have studied till now. And revisions will make your concept more strong and unforgettable. Without revision you don’t got confident as you have to study a lot of topics and things, so you have to make sure that you remember  it. 

11. Practice and analyze previous year papers.

It is one of the most important factors to crack any examination. It is like a blueprint. Always practice previous year papers as you get the total idea about the questions coming into the exam, so due to this you can estimate about the weightage of every chapter and you know about the types of questions coming into the examination. Through practicing previous years and analysis of the questions will help you to increase your marks in the examination.

12. Learn tips and tricks for fast calculations.

We all know that in any competitive exams you have a limited amount of time in which you have to solve the given questions. So you have to make sure that you have to save your time in solving each and every single question. Because the more time you take to solve a question, there are less chances for you to qualify the examination because you can’t attempt many questions. So time is a very important factor here. 

So you have to learn tips and tricks to make your calculations fast, because you know you don’t even have the necessary time to read a particular question carefully in the examination hall. So make your calculations so fast that you can solve questions very quickly. For example you have calculations in mathematics as well as reasoning which almost comes in every government examination, so tips and tricks will save your time to do remaining questions and you can complete these two subjects as quickly as possible.

Even research said that a student almost wasted 15-20 minutes just doing calculations. Now you can think if a student wastes almost 15-20 minutes just doing calculations then how many questions he could be able to answer in the short span of time. So you should always be learning tips and tricks so you can make your calculations easier and faster.


Well everybody knows that we all have a limited amount of time for preparation. As we say here that you have 3 months for the preparation so you have to do your preparation according to the 3 months. So follow these steps which are given above. First analyze your syllabus and follow these strategies to complete the syllabus in 2 months. And in the remaining 1 month you should polish yourself and do revision with mocks. So through this strategy you can crack any government exams in just 3 months.


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