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How to crack SSC CGL Exam in first attempt?

Everybody knows the importance of career in their life. Without choosing a particular goal, nobody has become successful in his life. Also, today their is a lot of competition in most of the fields. We all know that in a government job, there is a lot of competition. Like there is a very less no. of vacancy and the number of students applied for the jobs are very high. So one who wants to secure a job in government department, he/she have to work hard for that. 

But only working hard is not enough. You should have to follow a particular strategy to secure your job. Most of you have heard about SSC(Staff Selection Commission). There are different no. of vacancies in SSC exams. One of the exam names SSC CGL includes different posts. So here you will know about how to crack SSC CGL Exam in first attempt?

1. Plan your day.

The most important factor to clear any exam is planning. So one should know how to plan his day. First of all, you should have to be clear about all the tasks you have to do in a day. You have to give time to every subject. Planning makes you very clear about how much you should have to study to prepare every subject.

2. Have a detailed knowledge about the syllabus.

For the one who wants to clear SSC CGL exam, it is very important that you should have a complete knowledge about your syllabus. Once you know the syllabus you have to analyze the important topics which contain a huge weightage in the examination. Then you can start your preparation by picking up any of these topics. 

3. First know how to study?

This is a very important aspect that one should have to know how to study, because this is a competitive examination and this needs a different way of study. You should have to divide your syllabus and study according to the weightage of chapters. Your study should be smart in which there is an involvement of all the chapters and topics you should have to finish in a day.

Also you need to give mock tests and previous year papers in your study plan, so that your study should be efficient. Most people do hard work but still don't get results, because only smart and efficient study will give you the desired results in this exam.

4. Complete your syllabus.

To clear any examination it is very important that your syllabus should be completed. 2 months before your examination your syllabus should be completed or at least 1 month before examination if you start your preparation late. Because revision is the most important part, if you revise you will be able to memorize topics at a later stage. Last 1 month before the exam is used to polish yourself. So the syllabus must be completed on time.

5. Analyze your mistakes and improve yourself.

You have to analyze your mistakes while studying because without analyzing your mistakes nobody will be able to improve them and this will be harmful for you in the examination. If you make mistakes in the examination this will deduct your marks. So improve your weak areas by practicing more questions from that topic. Because here marks will play the biggest role.

6. Practice Mock Tests.

Mock test is very necessary to crack SSC CGL exams as it tells us about your score and accuracy and percentile and the mistakes you have made in the mock test. It is same as your examination. So you have to practice mock tests everyday or weekly depending upon your suitability, but practice it as much as you can.

7. Do multiple revisions.

As you know that revision is a very important aspect of remembering anything. If you don't do revisions you could not be able to remember what you have learnt. Once if you completed a particular topic you should do multiple revisions of it as soon as possible and according to your convenience.

8. Choose the correct study materials.

Select the correct study materials is very important for you as it contains everything which comes into the examination. Although it is very helpful for you because you didn't study something which is  irrelevant to the examination, as you have less time to prepare for the examination.

9. Stay away from distractions.

When you are preparing for a competitive exam, it is very necessary that you should keep focused. As there are a lot of distractions around you, it is very easy to get distract. If you focused properly, definitely you can crack the SSC CGL exam in first attempt.

10. Always be consistent.

One of the most important thing to become successful in any field is consistency. You have to make sure that you have to be consistent all the time. You should have to do regular practice, not even a single day you should have to skip. Consistent practice will definitely take you towards your success.

Tips to score good marks in SSC CGL:-

1.  First of all you have to check the previous year exam cut off, so you get a idea of how much you have to score in the examination.

2.  Now you have to create a perfect strategy as of how you should be able to achieve that score.

3.  Try to solve practice sets in 60 minutes as it will allow you to do questions quicker.

4.  Focus more on English and Mathematics as it will come in the TIER-2 as well.

5.  Reasoning will automatically become better after doing practice sets and previous year papers.

6.  Current Affairs and GS are also an important section so do not miss it. Make a suitable strategy for this section and do not give too much time to it, because it comes in the pre-section only.

7.  Do regular analysis of your performance in each subject and improve yourself.

8.  Do not get panic during the examination. 

9.  Do exercise regularly as it keeps you healthy.

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