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How To Prepare Your Vocabulary For Any Competitive Exam.

Do you really want to improve your vocabulary? Well here are some key points. Also it is very important to learn new words and phrases. It will boost your confidence as well as you will be able to speak and learn a language in a very simple and fluent way. 

Well everyone knows that vocabulary is an important part of English language , as well as in competitive exams vocab contains a large portion in the syllabus of English. So people faces a lot of challenges in preparing the vocab section for competitive exams. So here are some key points through which you can your prepare your vocabulary for any competitive exam.

1.  Thoroughly Analyze Your Syllabus:-

We all know that in the preparation of any competitive exam, everyone have to make a strategy to score highest marks in examination. But the biggest mistakes what students do is that they do not thoroughly analyze their syllabus. First of all read the whole syllabus and analyse the marks of Vocabulary contained in it. Due to this, you could be able to know how much you should study for the Vocabulary portion. 

2. Alloted a time for various sections of Vocabulary.

After analysing the whole syllabus, you will know abouth the different sections of the Vocabulary like Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution, IdiomsAnd Phrases, Spelling Error etc. Alloted a specific time to each of these different sections so that all will be covered fully and you will be improved day by day.

How To Prepare Your Vocabulary For Any Competitive Exam

3. Read Editorials and Newspapers.

All of us know that how much reading is necessary to improve your understanding. So it is very important to read editorials and newspaper on a daily basis, so that your understanding in English will improve at a certain level. Mark important words and phrases you have read in newspaper and editorial. And write down all these words and phrases in a notebook.

4. Keep Doing Revision Every Week.

We all know the importance of revision, without revision you couldn't be sure that whatever you have been learn is memorable to you at the exam time. So it is very important to keep doing revisions every week , so that new words and phrases will be memorable to you. 

5. Make An Analysis Report Of Your Progress.

Whatever you studied, you should know about the areas of your weakness and your strength, only then you could be able to improve. So make an analysis report of your progress in which you mention about the errors and mistakes you have done and how much you improve in differnt sections of Vocabulary.
It will help you to score better day by day and you will do less mistakes.

6. Try To Use New Words When You Speak.

We all have been familiar with many words when we speak in English. But most of the time we use the same words again and again when we speak. So try to use differnt words when you speak, due to this you will be able to learn new words with their meanings. 
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