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How can I improve my English speaking skills?

Well everyone knows that English is a language. Everyone knows the importance of a language, as a language helps us to communicate with each other. In today's world it is very important that you should know English and you will be able to talk in English. As it is very helpful in your job interviews and other different sectors as well. 

Most people find it difficult to speak in English. Well everybody knows that when you start anything it will not be suitable for you as your mind is not habitual to it. But after some days of practice, it will become easy for you and you will be comfortable to do your work. So the same thing happens to you when you start to learn a new language or try to speak in a language. So here are some ways as how you can improve your English speaking skills.

1.  Watch English Movies or TV Shows:-

The first step through which you can learn anything in life is by watching or listening. So the most important thing to start speaking English is to watch tv shows and movies in English. When you start watching English movies and TV shows it will help you to understand English and also you will be able as how to speak something in English. After watching shows in English you will also know some different types of words which we used when we speak in English. 

2. Try to speak in English as much as you can:- 

Most people done a big mistake when they start speaking in English is that they just read English from textbooks, but they do not try to speak in English, due to hesitation. At first, nobody could be able to speak English fluently, so people are not good in speaking English when they are new in it. And in  starting we speak broken English. And due to hesitation, most of the people do not try to speak in English because people will make fun of them when they are speaking in broken English. 

How can I improve my English speaking skills.

This is the biggest mistake everybody does, they can understand English, they can write something in English, but they could not be able to speak in English, because if you are not speaking, then you will never be able to speak in English. It is very important for everyone that you must try to speak in English, sometimes you fail, but this is the real learning. But after consistent practice you will improve yourself and be able to speak fluently in English.

3. Join a English Speaking Institute or a group of people:-

At starting everyone has been curious and in need of a guidance. So for this one could join an English speaking Institute which will helps you to build your skills in speaking English. You will got a guidance and in the institute they will teach you from the basics as how to approach English. There you got an environment of learning. As well as you can join a group of people or friends who speaks in English. then you got a environment and the more you learn , the more you could be able to absorb. And with the friends it will be playful for you to improve your English.

4. Read Self help books:-

Many people have different interest or hobbies to do. you have to find out what type of content do you like to study. For example- Let's say some people like to read self development or personality development books written by different authors. So you can read books with whatever you are interested in. Because reading will allow you to more exposure to the language and you will be able to learn new words and vocabulary. Also you will be able to know the sentence structure through that. Reading will bring more confidence in you and it will also help you in writing. Reading English books will help you to think sentences in English.

5. Write Journals or paragraphs in English:-

Writing is very helpful in building concepts. You have to write something in English as writing helps you to think in English and through this your speaking skills will also improve. When you write something in English you will have to think about it and through this you will got a deeper understanding as how to make sentence structure and put words, so that it will be correct or meaningful. When you think to write you will got confidence and in the same way you will be able to speak in  a better manner, because you can think in English. So one should also practice to write content in English.

6. Learn Vocabulary as well.

In the English language we all know that there is a huge importance of vocabulary. So you should maintain a vocabulary book for learning new words. Try to put the new words into the sentence while you are speaking. This will improve your confidence in speaking as well as your English get better day by day. Do this everyday pick up some words and try to make sentences with them. through this you will get two benefits, first is you have learned so many words and second your speaking becomes better.

7. Listen to the English audiobooks.  

A better way to learn a language is to listen to it. Same as with anything. Like if you want to be a public speaker, first of all you should have to listen to a public speaker, then you will know how to be like a public speaker. Same as with language you learn to speak when you listen the language. 

So people have different type of hobbies and interests like to know more about business, writing etc. So you can listen to different types of English audiobooks which is related to your interests. You can get audio of the different English books written by various writers. Listening gives you a pathway as how to speak. So definitely it will improve your English speaking skills. 

8. Use English learning Apps.

In today's digital world there are a lot of ways you can learn things. Like if you want to be fluent in English there is a way you can go through with the learning Apps. Learning Apps will help you in pronunciation as well as the use of words. Learning apps will also help you in the guidance from scratch to the top level. Through this you will be able to improve your accuracy as well.  

9. Try to Read Loudly.

The most important thing in English is that you have to read louder. As in the schools when you have to stand up and read louder in front of the whole class. So by read louder not it increases your confidence but you got a flow of speaking English fluently. Like just pick up a book, or an article of a newspaper and read it louder in your room. After sometime you will observe that you will have a command on English speaking. Remember consistency is very important to master something. So make a time for yourself where you could do this regularly.

10. Participate in Debates.

When we talk about speaking English, it is very important that one should not hesitate while speaking. And this could only be done by consistent speaking. So you should have to participate in Debates where you have to make your point in front of all other friends. This will help you to bring confidence and also your hesitation from speaking has gone, after sometime.

English as everyone knows is a language. The more you practice the more you will be able to learn and understand the language as like as you are fluent in your Mother Tongue. You will become creative and your speaking will become fluent. So try to figure out these ways and keep improving yourself.





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  1. So true, all these points are absolutely correct, i had also improved my communication skills with these things only.
    Thankyou these information will help lot of people.


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