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How to drink water correctly you should have to know.

Water, the most important things in a human's life. Well all of us knows exactly how much water is important for us.. Without drinking water we can't survive. Water is almost used in many areas of our life. But do you know that how can we drink water correctly to live a healthier life. Because most of us doesn't know how to drink water correctly. Because how you drink water will put different impacts on your body. So here you know how to drink water correctly.

    1. Why water is so important for us?

    We all know that our body contains more than 70% of water. So it is very important for us to know exactly what are the major roles of water. The water drink by us used in our internal body organs like kidney, liver, digestive system etc . to function properly and it is also responsible for the purification of our blood. Basically water helps in removing toxic wastes from our body. It clean our skin as well as improve our digestive system so that the food which we eat will properly digest. Even due to water our kidney filters all toxic wastes which will remove wastes from your body through urine. So this is the reasons that may be anyone can live without food for long time but not live without water.

    How to drink water correctly you should have to know.

    2. How much water should we drink in a day?

    Well it is depends on some factors for people to drink water in a day. Like health, living area, weight and its physical activities. But an average person should have to drink atleast 2.5 to 3 litres of water per day. It means atleast 8-12 glass of water from an average size of glass. But in summer we just have to drink more water due to sweating all the day. It means we can drink 4-5 litres of water in a day in summers. And the peoples who do exercise should also have to drink more amount of water, because the decrement in amount of water is more in the people who do exercises due to sweating a lot. Now the question arises that is it have a problem if we just drink more and more amount of  water than normal. The answer is yes. You have been heard that excess of everything is bad and in the case of water it is also true. So by drinking the excess amount of water the workload of our kidney increases and the level of sodium in our blood is reduced.

    How to drink water correctly you should have to know.

    3. How to drink water correctly?

    So you all have been watching so many peoples that he just took a bottle and drink water so fast and finish a large amount of water in a very short time. But do you know that drinking water through different ways will produce different impacts on our body. So make sure always drink water slowly and a little amount of water you have to drink (means a sipp) at a time and move it slowly for various sides of mouth for 2-3 seconds and make sure that always drink water at sitting position. So through this the saliva present in our mouth mix with water and then through this it will reduce the acidic behaviour of our stomach which helps in increasing the digestion level. But when you drink water in a standing position and drink it very fastly, our kidney doesn't filtered it and the water without usage just removes our body through urine.

    How to drink water correctly you should have to know.

    4. What type of temperature water should have?

    The temperature of water matters a lot. It means that what type of water you should have to drink may be it is hot, cold or normal. Well it is a fact that don't eat things which are very warm or very cold. As well as always try to drink water which is normal or a little warm. If you are drinking water full of ice or which is very cold, you will get a lo of problems in your body. The reasons behind this is when you are drinking very cold water, so first of all our body will make it warm and then the water is used in our body because our body has high temperature which is around 36 to 37 degree celsius. And due to this a lot of time and energy is spent on to warm the water. And also the water which is very low in temperature(means cold) also makes our food very rigorous and due to this digestion process will go on slow. Due to this acidity or constipation arises. On the other hand, if we drink normal water or a little warm it will very helpful for us. Even a little warm water will used very quickly by our body and it will also help in the breakdown of our food.

    How to drink water correctly you should have to know.

    5. When to drink water and when to not?

    The one major misconception of peoples is that they can drink water at any time. But this is not right. It is very important for you to know that when to drink water and when to not. So don't drink water just after eating, means one or two drops or sipp of water you can take when you eat something but make sure not to drink a glass or a cup of water. Because just after eating your stomach made some digestive juices which helps in digestion of your food, but immediately after eating when you drink water with full of glass, it will make your food very thin and also suppress the heat in the stomach which is responsible for breakdown of your food. So due to this your digestion process will slowly go down. So always remember that you have to drink water atleast 1 hour after eating. Also do not drink large amount of water while you go to sleep at night. Because at night your body is not very largely active and the water is directly filtered through kidneys without being usable to our body. And always make sure that after drinking water maintain an interval of atleast 45 minutes to drink the water again.


    I hope so you all will get know very well about the importance of water. Here i will tell you in detail about the importance and how to drink water correctly to make you life healthier. First paragraph you know why water is so important for us and second paragraph you know how much water you should take in a day. And in third paragraph you know how to drink water correctly which has a lot of benefits and in the fourth paragraph you know about what type of temperature of water should have to drink. Warm, Cold or Normal. And the 5th paragraph you  know when to drink the water or when to not to get most of its benefit. So comment down below in the comment section if you have any suggestion regarding this and subscribe Life Hacks for these type of interesting blogs. 

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