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The discipline of execution in just 4 steps.

You all know that in today's world it is very important to be disciplined. anyone who achieve success in their life has a well disciplined nature. If you have to achieve a goal in your life you have to follow the discipline. Even we have learn disciplines in our whole life like at school time we have to reach on a specific time, leave the school at a specific time or you can also said that in every area of our life we follow some disciplines. Also a most important things in our life is execution, without execution you can' get better results. So here we learn about the discipline of execution in just 4 steps.

1. Focus on widely important goals.

You all have heard the name of making goals, but do you know that it also helps you to manage your time efficiently. All of us know that we have a lot of work to do in a single day, but you also have set some priorities for every work. It means that some work is most important for you so you have to do them first, and after then some is not that much important for you , so you will done that later. You have to remember that always ask yourself or identify that right now which task or work reaches you towards your goal. So always select and finish those widely important goals that completes your goal statement. Atleast it is not more than two at a specific time. Through this your time will invest in the right place because if you mix all the works and you do them simultaneously, you can't produce better results.
The discipline of execution in just 4 steps.

2. Lead actions and lag results.

Have you ever experienced that you have take actions but not get better results? It means that if you want to double your income you will put a lot of hard work and you expect faster results, but results you doesn't get the results in a short period of time. So it is happening with most of the peoples and they think they this will not work. So focus on lead actions but not the lag results. It means how much work you have done in a single day and increase your quality of doing work day by day. Let us take an example that if you are in sales, so you have to focus on how much organic calls you did on a single day, or how much selling you did etc. Do not focus on that i don't get results. Measure what you can influence or improve  in your actions. Because when you focus on to improve the qualities of your work the better results will definitely come into your life.

The discipline of execution in just 4 steps.

3. Put the scoreboard.

Well you always have to put a scoreboard of your work. It means you have regularly check your progress of your work. because people will behave differently when they know their score. Their will to win is increasing. You have observed that peoples gets bored if they are doing the same type of work daily because they don't even check their progress. So they didn't even get motivated. For example if you just do study create a scoreboard of your progress. So in your scoreboard you have to included three things. The first is your widely important goals in which you have to write your goals. Second the lag results in which what is the progress of your results which you want from your goals. 
And the third is your lead actions in which you have to write what extra efforts you have to be put on to achieve your goals or your daily progress of actions. So due to this the will of winning is increased. by daily observation your motivation and execution both will increase to a next level.

The discipline of execution in just 4 steps.

4.  Cadence of accountability.

You have to be accountable. It means you have to make a schedule for yourself in which you have to 
be accountable with your team or any other person, in which you have to tell him the accountability of your work, and in this you have to tell him about your work progress. Try to do a daily or a weekly session with him and tell him three things about your work. First is that you have finished your last week commitments. Second is how much progress did commitments made? And third is what are your commitments for this week? Frankly speaking it matters a lot in your life.

The discipline of execution in just 4 steps.


Now I hope you have got a clear idea about the discipline of execution. In this I have explained its 4 steps in which the first steps said that you have a clear focus on your widely important goals. It means at a particular time focus on your one goal. In second step I have explained that you have to focus on your actions instead of your lag results. In third step I have explained that put some scoreboard of you working progress so that this will increase your will of winning. And the fourth step i have explained that you have to be accountable with any person in which you can show him your progress and fulfillment of  your commitments. I hope so you will understand this concept. If you have any suggestions please write down it on the comment section. As well as share this post with others as well so that everyone will get an idea about the discipline of execution. And don't forget to subscribe the life hacks to get the update for more interesting blogs.


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