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4 ways for you to get good deep sleep.

Well do you know that a person sleep almost 25 years in their entire life. But on the other hand it is also true that even that we doesn't even get a proper sleep. Most of the peoples after sleeping around 7-8 hours daily, still doesn't get a proper sleep. They feel tired and their next day is not going well. Due to this a lot of diseases arise due to not having a deep sleep. Sleep means your whole body and brain gets rest for a particular time. Researches said that you have to sleep atleast 7-8 hours daily, but we still have a lot of diseases after taking a good amount of sleep. Because in sleeping, it doesn't even matters how long you sleep, but you have to take a good quality of sleep. Most of the peoples in old times , or you can also say in modern times as well sleep only 3-4 hours daily and they still be healthy and refreshed all the day. This phenomena is called deep sleep. So here are the 4 ways  for you to get good deep sleep.

1. Stay away from mobile phones while sleeping.

You all have been heard the name of electromagnetic radiation. Do you know that how the radiation of mobile phones and mobile towers will affect your health? Well according to the research of World health Organization(WHO), it is said that the radio frequencies emitted by mobile phones or from their towers can cause a glioma cancer in your brain. It is also said that the emf also reduces the formation of melatonin formation in human brains. Whenever you sleep the harmful toxic radicals removes from your body and to remove this your brain produces melatonin hormone, but if a phone is nearest you when you are sleeping, so the brain can't produce suitable amount of melatonin, due to this your body will not clearly free from toxic radicals. So never ever put your mobile phones nearest to you when you are going to sleep. Because it will affect your brain directly and you can't go into the deep sleep. The radiation which emits from your mobile phone also decreases the concentration ability in our brain. So always put your phones far away from you when you are going to sleep. Also do not use your phone before 1 hours to sleep. Because the blue lights which emit from the brain will effect your brain during sleeping.

4 ways for you to get a good deep sleep.

4 ways for you to get a good deep sleep.

2. Take omega 3 fatty acids.

You all know that Omega 3 fatty acid is very useful for us. But do you know that it has also beneficial in deep sleep. According to research it is found that omega 3 fatty acid helps the glymphatic system of our brain to remove the harmful toxic radicals. And omega 3 fatty acid also helps us to sleep deep and long. So you have to take Chia seeds, soyabeans, walnuts, spinach, cod liver oil etc. regularly, so it provides you omega 3 fatty acids on a good amount so it will help you to have the deep sleep regularly.

4 ways for you to get a good deep sleep.

4 ways for you to get a good deep sleep.

3. Sleeping positions.

Do you know that the different sleeping positions will have different impact on our body, brain and health. Like left and right positions are beneficial for us. Even left position will also have a large benefit. When we sleep at left position, the gastric juice of our stomach will balanced while sleeping. Also not the brain glymphatic system, but the lymphic system of our body which helps in removing the harmful toxic from our body will work very fast and effective. As well as in vedas it is also written that you do not have to sleep when your head is towards north side. As it is also said hat you have always sleep in a position where your head is towards east side. Because sun rises in the east and when our head is towards east the sunlight will enter in our body through mind and then comes slowly to our legs. And this is very beneficial for us. And this sleeping positions also helps you to get deep sleep.

4 ways for you to get a good deep sleep.

4 ways for you to get a good deep sleep.

4. Meditation before sleep.

We all know very well about the benefits of meditation. But when we talk about sleep, there is a working of our body that we have to sleep when our mind is calm and free. So we have easily go into the deep sleep. But studies said that most of the people go to sleep when they are in beta state( A state of mind). Beta state is that state in which there is a flow of maximum thoughts in our brain. So we have to make ourself calm. So you have to do meditation 15 minutes before you are going to sleep. Because by doing meditation just before the sleep your mind is relaxed. So, then you get  a proper deep sleep. 

4 ways for you to get a good deep sleep.


So here we know some steps how we get a good deep sleep. Hope so this content will really help peoples to overcome their sleeping problems. Implementing a one from all of these steps is much better than implement nothing. Do you have much better suggestions on how to get good deep sleep? If you have suggestions then comment down below, and subscribe life hacks for getting this type of interesting hacks and share it with others as well.

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  1. meditation helps a lot for me..it relaxes my mind. Thanks for sharing these tips and for me natural sleeplessness supplements also helps to regularize my sleep cycle.


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