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A story that can change your life.

A person whose name is carilee. He lives in hungary. He is in the army. But the biggest goal of his life is to make himself the best pistol shooter in the world. He just practiced a lot for the pistol shooting from his right hand for many years. Well everybody believes that he will become champion because he is a sharp shooter. There is a training camp of army held in hungary in which carilee is also there and due to some accident the hand grenade blast in the right hand of carilee. Everything is over now because his right hand is no longer. The hand which he really practice a lot from years is no longer. It means that his all his practice and efforts are wasted. Well if anyone is here in his place, he just gives up or may be disappointed. But he is carilee , he focused on what he have not on what is gone. After when his medical treatment is done after a month, his hand is still in pain , but he started his training and now he is only one handed. So he decided to make his left hand the best pistol shooting hand in the world. After then he silently done his training in a place. No one knows that carilee is doing training. After a practice of 1 years. In 1938 national championships is held in hungary. The carilee is also come to the national championships. when peoples see him, first he shocked but after then he congratulated him that after bearing a lot he still comes here. This is called the sportsmen spirit. You are come here to congratulated us. But when carilee is listening to all of these, he said that he is coming to compete with all of them be ready. And then carilee wins the national championship. After then the news is publishing and everyone gets shocked. Carille is not stopped here. He just gives all his attention to the olympics which is going to held in 1940. And he just begins his training again. But the olympics of 1940 is cancelled due to world war. Again a biggest loss of carille. But he is still not give up, he just gives all his attention to the olympics which is held in 1944, and again do a lot of practice with his only hand. And again, after 4 years the olympics got cancelled due to world war. He still not gives up, he just brings all his attention towards the olympics which is going to be held in 1948. The olympics held in 1948,where the best shooter of the world comes to different places and the perform with their best hand, Carilee perform with his only hand, the left hand and the competition begins and again the winner is Carilee. Now everybody is shocked. He again made a goal to win the olympics which is held in 1952. And in 1952, when the olympics is held, the winner is again carille. And he just changes the history of the world, because till that time no one is winning the olympics  two times.  So the determination of carilee is great after happening a lot worse with him , he still not gives up. And make himself  the best in he world.

A story that can change your life

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