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How overthinking affect your life.

We all know that we can't control our mind. It is scientifically proven that in a single day, more than 60,000 thoughts comes to our mind. 

Do you really believe that all the thoughts which comes to our mind is useful for us or they all are necessary. Well, no more than 95% are not useful. 

So, don't do overthinking. Do you really know that overthinking has a very bad adverse effect on your life. 

Most of the thoughts which comes to our mind is imaginary, it means that it has no existence, and due to overthinking we have really worried due to these imaginary thoughts. 

Because worried makes your vibration low and due to this you will not live your life happier. 

And if you are always in trouble and  worry, then you are always sending low vibration to the universe and you have always attract it into your life. 

Why we have to worried just because of a thought which even have no existence in our life. 

Overthinking also makes you less creative, less sharp and even it is a major cause of depression also. It is very necessary in our life that we have to think, but overthinking is a problem. 

We have some beliefs according to our old mental patterns.

How overthinking affect your life

 So whatever situation we have we made a different perception over it which is not true and due to this the unnecessary thoughts comes to our mind. 

Due to this, we can't even concentrate properly. We can achieve anything in our life, no matters how tough it is. So don't think that you are not capable. 

The people who don't do overthinking their IQ level of brain is so high. They can easily solve a problem. Because their mind is clear.

They don't have unnecessary thoughts in their mind. Always think positive as it makes you fearless and it helps you to achieve massive success in your life. 

How overthinking affect your life

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